Open Factory

Get busy with your own studio within our Open Factory. We’ve updated 15,000 sq/ft of floor space into a collaborative production environment complete with an amazing set of features. Secure and accessible 24/7. Now accepting applications.

Event Space

Large, open spaces for gatherings of all kinds built into a nearly 100-year-old former gear plant. Featuring a 3,000 sq/ft space and a 14,000 sq/ft high bay space that can be connected. Now booking Spring 2016 onward.



Quality people are essential to a collaborative working environment. With our low-cost memberships, cool facilities and simple application process we’re building a robust community of creatives and entrepreneurs. No telemarketers here.

Photo Studio

Detroit’s most affordable full-featured drop-in photo studio. Available by the hour or by the day. Finally you can stop bringing clients over to your house and do your work in a professional, creative atmosphere. Book online using our handy interface.

Podcast Studio

Audio storytelling has reached new heights in popularity. Right now, there is no greater medium in which to build an audience for such a low cost. Our studio is equipped with a four-spot system where you can create public radio quality recordings. Bookings available now.


Our mission at Constant Velocity is to provide the most useful, inspiring and collaborative space and community in the world so Detroiters can thrive off of their creative work. Bar none.

The old ways of industrial production are quickly going the way of the dodo. The creative economy requires a new kind of space that fosters collaboration between disciplines to birth new ideas and projects. It’s only through owning the means of production will be be able to keep and build wealth within our community rather than just stumping for a larger organization.

Constant Velocity exists purely off of earned revenue and has not received grants or governmental funding of any kind.

We’d love if you’d join us on our adventure and participate in the organization in whatever capacity you’d like. Reach out or schedule a time to visit via the Visit Us page.

Some photos on this page courtesy of Michelle and Chris Gerard.